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I often think about our actions in the digital world, and in the real world.
"Is that right? Could it be improved?" "Yes, and still yes."

To confirm my answer, I'm studying Human-Computer Interaction & Design with Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Université Paris-Sud 

With a background of B.E. in Digital Media Technology, I also build🔨 stuffs.


芝麻地 - 关于设计与编程的Newsletter

啊!玩具!一个移动端小项目的合辑: 相机|卡片日记|网络名片|油画照片|等等
STKMAn online camera which allows you to take stacked photos with captions.
Bitcoin VisualizationVisualization on news about BTC to find their influence on the price.
Sketch CalculatorLearn basics of ML by create ur own sketch calculator.
小瓶子在线创建你的小瓶子, 然后填满它.
RugbeatsA rhythm action rugby game where two players have to get the "ball" into another player's home.
OaPackA playful React UI library I design & developed for this website :)
BOOKIOA free book sharing platform created using React.js.
Tetris.DualDual player Tetris game on Android that uses Bluetooth to connect.
SEIMAn interactive music installation that involves projection mapping, tangible interaction, generative animation, etc.
BoccaroAn app to introduce traditional Chinese culture about Bocarro, built with Unity3D.
sPomoSimple Pomodoro software on windows, built with AutoHotKey.
Circular ClearA match-three puzzle game inspired by Spirograph, built with Unity3D.
StyleBoxIt borrows the concept of class and the idea of CSS from coding to create a tool that makes styling shapes in design software easier.
BagroutteA design concept derives from StyleBox into a map App, which facilitate the edit, manipulationg and reuse of route.
Tangible XA exploration on tangible interaction for browser and gaming using Kinect.
Digi CemeteryA website includes memorable products that died in recent years.
ShopWalkerThe design and evaluation of an application which targets to facilitate daily work of a very special group – shopwalkers.
SpotioidInfo Visualization of data from Spotify, including genre, user distribution, trending, etc.
Year MeterA screen saver that counts the progress of this year and that of today.
BulletGOA comprehensive bullet comment solution through Wechat, PyQt and Node.js.
Da Vinci CodeA online multiplayer version of the board game Da Vinci Code, built with Unity3D.
SeetyA city guide with audio stories.